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How to Submit Program Content

Email your copy to


Our email can handle text and image files up to 20MB, meaning in most cases if you can send it, we can receive it. We ask that you please don’t embed images within the copy - simply indicate their placement with text. You can also share images via Google Docs, Dropbox, or other online file share programs.


Text files should be prepared in Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign. Avoid using tabs, columns (even when making lists), tables, and other custom formatting, as this complicates the production process. You may, however, use bold and italic formatting as needed. We will charge $65 per hour to type any copy that has not been submitted electronically. 


Image files, including headshots, logos and trade ads, are preferred in the following file formats: .jpgs, .tiffs, and .pdf (.eps or .ai for vector logos). Please name headshot files first name/last name. Color images should be in CMYK (please let us know if you want to convert images to grayscale).


You will generally see a proof within two days of your program content deadline. When your program is ready for proofing it will be emailed to you as a PDF. You have 48 hours to review and return your proof with minor edits. You are entitled to a second proof when necessary. If your copy was late and your program is considered a rush job, you may only be given one proof. No program will print without your final approval.

Please note: The proofing stage is not a time to make major edits or additions. We expect that your program material comes to us as complete as possible. Excessive edits may result in additional production charges. If requested, we will edit grammar and spelling in your program copy-for an additional charge ($35 for 8-16 pages, $60 for 24+ pages)

To avoid confusion and mistakes, only the appointed representative is permitted to give program edits. Your edits can be made by e-mailing your changes in a list form or over the phone. If possible, you should avoid re-sending your entire program with edits.

Program Content Submission Deadlines

Program content (copy, headshots, and ads) for individual programs is always due 21 BUSINESS DAYS from when you want your programs delivered. The delivery date should be specified on your program request form. We will remind you via e-mail of this deadline four weeks before your scheduled delivery date. If you require early delivery for any reason, you must submit your program material early to accommodate the 21 business days time frame. Keep in mind there are no Saturday or Sunday deliveries, so shows opening on either of these days should be scheduled for the Friday before.

To view program mechanicals, please click here.

Program Content Checklist

In order to serve you better we have comprised this list of important guidelines for you to follow when submitting your program for layout:


  • Are the headshots labeled with a first AND last name?
  • Do the headshot names coincide with names found in the biography?
  • Are they in one of the following formats: .jpg, .tiff, or .pdf?


Are all trade ads properly size and following the below specifications?:

(All measurements are width x height, in inches.)

  • FULL PAGE 4.625” x 7.625”
  • 1/2 PAGE horizontal: 4.625” x 3.75”
  • 1/2 PAGE vertical: 2.25” x 7.625”
  • 1/4 PAGE horizontal: 4.625” x 1.825”
  • 1/4 PAGE vertical: 2.25” x 3.75”
  • DINING GUIDE 2.25” x 1.8”

(If trade ads require extensive re-typesetting or resizing, a fee of $65/hour may be applied.)


Are all trade ads named and include their size and dimensions (specifically on the Program Request Form)?

  • Forexample: First Weber 1/2 H)*

    *(H=horizontal, V=vertical)


  • Is my program copy in one Word document?
  • Are all the sections listed in chronological order and the way I want to see them in the program?

    Please note: Do not embed images inside the Word document. Send them separately and include notations in the word document as to their placement.


  • The normal proofing procedure allows for up to two proofs (two rounds of edits).
  • Please condense edits into one email per proof. Do not send multiple emails containing one edit each.
  • Please do not edit original word document and resend. Edits may be submitted either typed in an email, listed in a new word document, or by phone only.
  • Please notify us in advance if you will be unavailable during the program editing process. Please provide an alternate contact to ensure completion of all program edits in a timely manner.
  • If special arrangements need to be made please contact us as soon as possible. We are flexible as long as we are notified ahead of time.

If you have any questions please contact Art Director Sarah Sallmann at 262-439-5745 or You can also contact Theatre and Venue Relations Manager Ryan Albrechtson at 262-439-5750 or

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