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SummerStage of Delafield Seeks a Venue/House Manager

SummerStage of Delafield Seeks a Venue/House Manager

Venue/House Manager Job Description

The Venue/House Manager is responsible for ensuring that our patrons, performers and volunteers have a positive experience. All volunteers and anyone else that interfaces with our patrons, performers, and other personnel need to be friendly, helpful, and positive. Visitors should feel welcome at our venue. The Manager needs to wear appropriate clothing with the SummerStage logo and represent SummerStage in a friendly, positive manner.

Before Event - Responsibilities
• Open the venue 1.5-2 hours before the event starts (preferably 2 hrs to give yourself enough time).
• Pick up Square charge card unit, programs, pass list, and any other required items from the SummerStage office at 411 Genesee Street, Delafield, WI 53018.
• Go to the park (W329 N846 County Highway C Delafield, WI 53018)
• Pick up transport cart at barn
• Talk to Event Manager and/or Stage Manager to make sure they will have whatever is needed at the venue set up for their event
• Open the following buildings o Backstage room o Concession Stand o Tech booth o Back Stage storage building o Concession storage building (Place 2 garbage bins by concessions and 2 by tent) o Porta-A-Johns
• Ensure that the venue is in good shape. Ensure the production crew and performers have what they need
• Water in backstage room refrigerator
• Food/snacks if requested ahead of time
• Ensure that the Technical Manager has what he/she needs
• Greet volunteers, make sure they have a signed volunteer form, make sure they’re set up in their proper locations and ensure they’re aware of their responsibilities • Prepare admissions area including money box, tickets, programs, Flag, etc.
• Also need to set up information table including area and local business brochures and other informational documents (especially sponsor information)
• During the Event - Responsibilities
• Stay in contact with Stage Manager and Technical Manager to make sure they have what they need
• Make sure concession volunteers have what they need
• Change trash and recycling container bags as needed
• After the Event - Responsibilities
• Thank volunteers
• Thank patrons
• Make sure all patrons are out of the venue
• Lock all buildings
• Take garbage to park garage or other appropriate garbage drop off.
• Put away transport cart and lock barn
• Make sure event tracking sheet is filled out by admissions and money is counted and separated from seed money.
• Lock all money in concession stand (out of site) or drop off at office
• Change the letters on the sign at the park for the next event if applicable.

To apply, fill out this form, and either email or mail the form to SummerStage.
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