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Sunset Playhouse Seeks Stage Crew for MARY POPPINS

Sunset Playhouse Seeks Stage Crew for MARY POPPINS

Mary Poppins | Stage Crew

Stage Crew for Sunset Playhouse production of Mary Poppins

Sunset Playhouse seeks several organized and enthusiastic individuals to work stage crew for their upcoming production of Mary Poppins. Crew members play a vital role in the production process and performances by being responsible for knowing exactly where and when to perform assigned tasks, move set pieces and props, and more.

Responsibilities and Duties
• Work under the guidance and direction of the Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Managers to assistant them with any various duties they may need assistance with
• Must be available for all tech rehearsals, performances, and other designated rehearsals (see next page for specific dates and times)
• Execute all scene changes and other assigned production duties during performances and rehearsals 
• Utilize strong attention to detail and consistency when becoming familiar with the show and the execution and timing of scene changes
• Think critically and creatively to solve problems in the moment
• Maintain organization and follow along and contribute to the Run Sheet, which outlines where and when all scene changes take place
• Lift and move heavy set pieces, furniture, etc.
• Maintain safety standards when assisting actors who fly in the production
• Possess a positive attitude and be willing to work as a team

• Experience in theatre, stage crew, production, etc. a plus

Interested in working on stage crew for Mary Poppins at Sunset Playhouse?
Contact the Stage Manager, Brenda Nemec, at
Please Note: This is a volunteer position.

Time Commitment 
Must be available for all tech rehearsals, performances, and other designated rehearsals

Monday, October 1, 6-9pm
Tuesday, October 2, 6-9pm
Thursday, October 4, 6-9pm
Friday, October 5, 6-9pm

Flight Training:
Tentative Dates: October 4 & 5, time TBD

Tech Rehearsals:
Saturday, October 6, 6-10pm
Sunday, October 7, 1-4pm & 5-10pm
Mon, October 8, 6:30-10pm
Tuesday, October 9, 6:30-10pm
Wednesday, October 10, 6:30-10pm

Performance Dates:
Thursday, October 11, 7:30pm
Friday, October 12, 7:30pm
Saturday, October 13, 7:30pm
Sunday, October 14, 2:00pm
Wednesday, October 17, 7:30pm
Thursday, October 18, 7:30pm
Friday, October 19, 7:30pm
Saturday, October 20, 7:30pm
Sunday, October 21, 2:00pm
Thursday, October 25, 7:30pm
Friday, October 26, 7:30pm
Saturday, October 27, 3:00pm
Saturday, October 27, 7:30pm
Sunday, October 28, 2:00pm
Thursday, November 1, 7:30pm
Friday, November 2, 7:30pm
Saturday, November 3, 7:30pm
Sunday, November 4, 7:30pm

Availability to assist with flying for the MARY POPPINS JR. production preferred. Time commitment is noted below.

Saturday, October 27, 9:00am - 12:00pm
Wednesday, October 31, 4:30 - 6:30pm
Thursday, November 1, 4:30 - 6:30pm
Friday, November 2, 4:30 - 6:30pm

Tech Rehearsal:
Saturday, November 3, 9:00am - 1:00pm

Sunday, November 4, 6:30pm
Monday, November 5, 10:00am & 6:30pm

Sunset Playhouse
700 Wall Street
Elm Grove, WI 53122
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