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Up-the-Hill Theatre


5950 Golf Course Road
Spring Green, WI

Theatre Companies
American Players Theatre

Our flagship venue; our pride and joy. This is APT's amphitheater Up the Hill. 1,140 seats beneath the sun, moon and stars, enrapturing 110,000 playgoers each season. All the world may be a stage, but we got the best spot.

Regardless of how far you've come, you have not arrived at APT when you park your car. Not quite. Our amphitheater (which we refer to simply as "Up the Hill") is, as its name suggests, at the top of a hill. Don't worry - it's a gentle enough hill, a short enough stroll. But, belying that fact, something transformative happens on that wooded ascent, and by the time you reach the theater, certain lines have been blurred, certain edges softened.

And then, of course, you see a great play, the caliber of which has been praised by critics from The Wall Street Journal to The Chicago Tribune and beyond. They've written that our productions rival and frequently exceed the quality of what they witness on Broadway.

Flattered and humbled by that, we reflect on our unique space not just in the theater world, but in the world world. We are in an amphitheater on top of a hill we discovered 31 years ago. Somewhere below, rivers run and farmers farm, but up here, actors act and dreamers dream. Words fly around with the bats and lightning bugs. Maybe all the world really is a stage, but, for us, there's no stage like the one up the hill.

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