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Oregon School District Performing Arts Center


456 N. Perry Parkway

Handicap accessible
Theatre Companies
Oregon Straw Hat Players

The Oregon School District Performing Arts Center features a proscenium stage, a fly system, and seating for over 700.

Performing Arts Center Features
Proscenium Opening - 50 feet
8' x 50 Foot Apron
35' x 50' Stage 
Overhead Door for ease of load in 
Fly Weight System with 13 battens
Sky Cyc
Accoustic Shell
Marley Dance Floor
Sound System: 
32 Channel Mixer
9 Wireless microphones
32 Shotgun microphones
SM57, SM58, and SM81 microphones
4 monitors
Light System:
ETC Expression Light Board
ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal 
Altmann ellipsoidal
Altmann fresnel
2 Satellite I follow spotlights
3 Tracspot lights
Strip lights, 4 color


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