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A Grateful Audience Member’s Love Letter to the Box Office

A Grateful Audience Member’s Love Letter to the Box Office
Photo Credit: Graphic by Andrea Klohn.

The box office staff. The unsung heroes of theater. The folks who, on a fairly regular basis, save my sanity and help me out even in the midst of lobby chaos. They don’t get applause or standing ovations, but for a moment I want them to be in the spotlight. 

The box office is the epicenter of a theater space. They make sure people can get in to see the latest show, they’re able to help rearrange tickets and do audience management triage whenever necessary. Without the folks staffing the box office we would all be in for a world of hurt—mostly because we wouldn’t be able to access theater. 

Whether you’re polite or not the box office staffers will do their damndest to make sure you get in to see that show, although being nice never hurt anybody and you might even get better seat availability by just being kind. My hat goes off to them for all the times they’ve been bombarded with less than courteous audiences just minutes before curtain. 

When audience members (like myself) show up on the wrong day for a show and beg for literally any open seat so as not to miss that performance and the box office is more than happy to help, it’s a lifesaver. My deepest good wishes to the staff from a recent Sunday performance of A Chorus Line by Porchlight Music Theatre at the Ruth Page Center for the Performing Arts, you really saved me. 

They’re also well connected. They can usually be the first to recommend shows similar to the one they’re working with or polar opposites. If you take a minute to chat with them (as long as they aren’t swamped) you’ll find that they’re often entertainment concierges in disguise. They know the things. If you slow down maybe they’ll let you know about them!

For all of the craziness box offices have to put up with, all of the situations they have to diffuse and just the fact that they have to keep a smile on and be cordial, I send so much love to box office folks everywhere. If it weren’t for you none of us would get in to see the shows and you are our very first point of contact for a performance. 

You are the front persons of our theater community. While you aren’t receiving the accolades in the same way your colleagues are, know you are so appreciated. 


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