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Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with Overture Center for the Arts

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with Overture Center for the Arts
Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Overture Center for the Arts

Although the stunning state-of-the-art building with floor to ceiling glass windows may seem daunting to the average passerby, Overture Center for the Arts strives to make the community feel welcome through a variety of events open to the public.


The center’s programming to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, running now through Oct. 15, works towards emphasizing this inclusive environment.


“We are honored to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by inviting the entire community to participate in these events,” said Ed Holmes, Overture’s director of diversity and inclusion. “It’s humbling and exciting for us to move forward with equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives at Overture, as the arts truly provide a place where everyone can come together.”


The programming includes a featured gallery, Latino Arts Fair, ticketed concert and Kids in the Rotunda performance.


The gallery, ¿Quiénes somos? (Who Are We?), features stunning pieces by J. Leigh Garcia and Evelyn Galindo and runs until Oct. 15 in the Rotunda Gallery. Garcia, a seventh-generation Texan and Mexican-American, depicts problems that current and future undocumented Latinxs face. These issues include terrible working conditions, separation of families, and death while crossing the Mexico-U.S. border.


Galindo is a Salvadoran artist who migrated to Madison in the 1980s’ as part of the diaspora of the most recent war. She illustrates the life of a nomad in some of her work to show how people move and build communities when their traditional homes get interrupted.


The Latino Art Fair and Gallery Reception will showcase the talents of 25 local Latino artists, with some of their handcrafted pieces available for guests to purchase and display in their own homes.


“The art fair really encompasses Hispanic Heritage Month as a whole,” said Sarah Knab, Overture's communications manager. “Guests will be able to learn so much about the Latino culture through the event, and want to keep learning more.” This is the fifth year Overture has hosted the Latino Art Fair and it will take place Friday, Oct. 6 from 5 to 9 p.m. in the Promenade Terrace.


After visiting the art fair, guests can enjoy the musical stylings of La Santa Cecilia at 7:30 in the Capitol Theatre, which also takes place Oct. 6. The Grammy-winning group has become the voice of a new bicultural generation in the United States, mixing a modern sound with cumbia, bossa nova, tango and jazz rock.


 Finally, the Kids in the Rotunda series presents Ballet Folklórico de María Díaz. Maria Diaz, an internationally touring professional dancer, will lead the young dancers ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade. The performance will combine elements of Mexican culture, history, folklore and religion. The ballet will take place Saturday, Oct. 14 with performances at 9:30 a.m., 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. The 1 p.m. performance will be ASL interpreted.


All events apart of National Hispanic Heritage Month are free, with the exception of the La Santa Cecilia concert.


“We want everyone to come in and celebrate and always know that they have access to the center,” Knab said.

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