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Comments on Lets You Be the Critic

Comments on Lets You Be the Critic
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In today’s technology-driven world, everyone has the ability to share their opinion with a wide audience. So why judge a production based off a single review you read in the local newspaper? At, we invite you to be the critic with our website’s comments feature. Simply find the production in our upcoming events tab and give your two cents.


“When deciding what play to see, I want to hear from regular theatre goers just like me,” says Steve Marcus, president and publisher of Footlights. “I want to know if it is entertaining and how it made them feel. I’m less interested in knowing how it stacked up to a production mounted on Broadway 10 years ago or that the directing wasn’t as good as the last show they directed.”


Through these comments we want to start conversations and continue to build excitement around the great productions being staged in the Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee regions. If you feel particularly passionate about a show, your feedback has the power to fill more seats and help the arts continue to thrive in our area.


In a column for American Theatre magazine titled Tastemaking in a Post-Newspaper World, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre Managing Director Chad Bauman described how patrons rarely let the views of professional critics influence their ticket buying decisions.


 “While critics have the power to judge quality and excellence, it is important to acknowledge journalists are also just individuals, who like all of us experience performances through their own lens, influenced by their own experiences, biases, and worldviews,” Bauman says.


Bauman goes on to explain how crowd-sourced review sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google Reviews have exploded by giving users endless feedback from a diverse audience in just seconds. People are more likely to trust resounding praise from a large audience, rather than just one theatre critic.


So go ahead and give us your own review—we can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


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