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Promoting Women Empowerment Through 100 Day Project

Promoting Women Empowerment Through 100 Day Project
Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Andrea Klohn

While scrolling through Instagram one day, Nate C. Adams, director of Lake Country Playhouse’s upcoming show Little Women, came across Andrea Klohn’s own version of #The100DayProject. A light bulb immediately went off.

The project encourages artists to cultivate their craft through small creative acts for 100 days. Klohn created a handmade print everyday and got inspiration from Pinterest, song lyrics and things that felt relevant to her life on that day.

“I loved her design style and was attracted to the quality of the work,” Adams said. “Although she didn’t intend to center the art around Little Women, I noticed a lot of the quotes went along with the themes of the show.”

Adams reached out to Klohn about displaying her project in the Lake Country Playhouse lobby during the run of Little Women. Klohn enthusiastically agreed and started making more of an effort to theme her remaining designs around the show.

“I didn’t really plan this to be the message when I started, but the project ended up being a lot about female empowerment and self value in general,” Klohn said. “It really aligns well with the concept of Little Women and all the strong female characters.” 

Adams first met Klohn two years ago when she played the Wicked Witch in “Shrek the Musical,” which he also directed. Since Klohn had such a great time working with Adams, she encouraged her younger sister Calynn to audition for Little Women. Calynn will be playing Adult Amy March in the show. 

Little Women is based on Louisa May Alcott’s life and follows the adventures of sisters Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy March. Jo is trying to sell her stories for publication, but when the publishers are not interested her friend Professor Bhaer advises her to write more from herself. Jo reluctantly takes this advice and weaves the story of herself with her sisters and their experience growing up in Civil War America.

Stunning promotional photos of the cast by Morgan Rindahl will complement Klohn’s lobby display. The photos were taken at Rustic Manor 1848, a gorgeous event venue in Hartland, and serves as the perfect backdrop for the play set in the rural 1800s.

Klohn is senior at Carroll University studying Graphic Communication and Theatre & Arts Management. She also works as a graphic designer for Footlights.

Adams hopes that people who look at Klohn’s display will feel inspired to do something they are passionate about.

“Andrea is passionate about graphic design and women empowerment, which she displays in this project,” Adams said. “After she set up the display the cast walked around to admire the work and instantly started picking out their favorites. If the work can impact the actors, it can impact the audience.” 

Little Women runs Oct. 5 – 22 at Lake Country Playhouse located at 221 E. Capitol Drive, Hartland Wisconsin 53029. Tickets can be purchased at

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