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So... I Saw a Thing: Nunsense at Milwaukee Repetory Theater

So... I Saw a Thing: Nunsense at Milwaukee Repetory Theater
Photo Credit: Michael Brosilow (Left to right: Kelley Faulkner , Lachrisa Grandberry , Melody Betts, Veronica Garza, Candace Thomas)

I don’t think I can say, prior to this experience, I have ever attended a Sunday evening performance. If I’m being perfectly honest, I wasn’t crazy about the idea. It had already been a long weekend, and I had to be up early in the morning for work. Can you really enjoy a Sunday evening performance?

You can. You definitely can.

This past weekend, I saw Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s Nunsense. And, though it was the end of a pretty busy weekend, it was absolutely the highlight. I love going to the Stackner. I remember when I was younger, my grandparents were season subscribers to the Stackner for the longest time. They’d always ago with another couple, but once, for whatever reason, the couple couldn’t come with. Since they had two extra tickets, they brought along my brother and I. We saw Ain’t Misbehavin… I had never been to a show in a space like that before. But I loved it! The show was incredibly entertaining, the performers were excellent (as they always are… let’t be honest), and it was such an interesting, intimate setting.

So now I’ve seen a ton of things in the Stackner, it’s one of my favorite places for a night out. Nunsense was no exception to that. The show was hilarious, the cast was insanely talented (again… as always) and I laughed from beginning to end.

To start, the premise of the show is pretty wild. A group of nuns have thrown together a benefit performance to raise funds for their fallen sisters. Their cook, Sister Julia… Child of God (HA.) made some soup that ended up poisoning and killing the rest of the sisters. They’ve managed to bury almost all of them, but ran out of money for the last four. So, until they can raise money to bury these final women… they’ve stuck them in the freezer. You know, classic.

The songs are silly and catchy. We get a glimpse at a variety of other talents, from dancing to puppetry and many things in between. We poke fun at a little bit of everything, watch the Mother Superior get very high, and help these sisters reaching their fundraising goals. The perfect night out.

It’s a cast of extremely talented and versatile women. The small cast features Melody Betts, Kelley Faulkner, Veronica Garza, Lachrisa Gradberry, and Candace Thomas. These ladies and their powerhouse voices rocked the Stackner Cabaret. Garza, as Sister Mary Amnesia, often stole the show with her comedic timing and incredible vocals.

This show runs for two more months, and it absolutely deserves your attention. If you haven’t yet seen the Stackner’s renovations made last season, that’s reason enough to check it out. But if you enjoy laughter, beautiful voices, great food and drinks, talent, wit…. you get where I’m going with this. Go see Nunsense.

Tickets can be purchased for this show here.

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