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Auditions for SIDE SHOW
Sunset Playhouse, 700 Wall Street, Elm Grove, Wisconsin 53122
Presented By:
Sunset Playhouse

Auditions for SIDE SHOW

Audition Dates:

Auditions: Monday, April 8 – Tuesday, April 9 at 7:00pm

What We Are Looking For:

See character descriptions below.

What To Bring:

SIDE SHOW will be directed by Becky Spice with music direction by Paula Tillen. Please show up on one of the dates listed below with a 32 bar cut of a song in the style of the show. Bring sheet music, an accompanist will be provided. Bring comfortable clothes for the dance audition as well. Auditions may also consist of readings from the script.


Non Equity

Contact Information:

Contact Ann Mather at or 262-782-4431, ext 221 if you have any further questions or if you plan to arrive later than 8:30 pm for auditions.

Additional Information:


Based on the true story of Siamese twins Violet and Daisy Hilton who became stars during the Depression, Side Show is a moving portrait of two women joined at the hip whose extraordinary bond brings them fame but denies them love.

Character Descriptions

Male Characters

Terry Conner: (age: 30 – 40) A talent scout/agent for the Vaudeville circuit. Handsome, smooth, and suave; a leading-man type. Daisy’s love interest. Actor will ballroom dance.
Baritone with strong upper range – F#2 – G4

Buddy Foster: (age: 20 – 35) Usher turned Entertainer. Bright and energetic, but a bit naive. A song and dance man. Violet’s love interest.
Tenor; big range – F2 – A4

Jake: (age: 25+) “Side Show” Foreman. Very strong physical presence even when silent. Secretly in love with Violet. Strong singer who can move well. Athletic build. Jake is also the Cannibal King, and will likely appear bare-chested in his King costume.
Tenor/baritone with strong top range – G2 – A4

The Boss: (age: 30+ preferred) Formidable presence; the sleazy, mean owner/emcee of the “Side Show.”
Strong Tenor voice – C3 – G4

Reptile Man: (any age) Half man/half reptile.

Bearded Lady: (any age) Must be comfortable appearing in women’s clothes.

Fakir: (any age) Far East/Indian character whose act involves a bed of nails. Athletic build. May appear bare-chested.

The Geek: (any age) A “refined but deadly” wild man whose act includes biting the head off of a live chicken or snake.

Sheik: (any age) A Middle-Eastern tribe ruler whose act includes his harem of virgins. Prefer athletic build.

Roustabouts(4): (any age) Athletic, well-built “Carnies,” they are part of the “Side Show,” managing the equipment, patrons, etc. Actors will play a multitude of roles and should move well. Some may appear bare-chested.

Female Characters

Daisy Hilton*: (age: 20 – 35) The dominant and more outspoken of the twins, her dream is to become a famous performer/celebrity.
Alto/Mezzo with belt; big range – E3 – G5 sustained

Violet Hilton*: (age: 20 – 35) The shy and more composed of the twins, her dream is to marry and raise a family at home.
Mezzo/Soprano with belt; big range – Eb3 – F#5

* NOTE: Since the Hilton sisters were conjoined twins attached at the lower spine/hip, actors interested in these roles MUST be comfortable acting, moving, and dancing in tandem with another, and may be paired at the audition or callback with other candidates for scenes and dances.

Fortune Teller: (any age) Exotic look. Strong belter/gospel voice.

Snake Lady: (any age) Athletic/dancer’s body. Snake Charmer.

6th Exhibit: (any age) Considered one of the strangest exhibits in the sideshow.

Dolly Dimples: (any age) Listed as the classic “Fat Lady” with Baby-Doll attire. Actor may be stuffed for size.

Harem Girls (2 – 4): (any age) Fit/trim; dancers.

**Rehearsal times are subject to change based on availability of cast but are generally 5 nights a week from 7:00 -10:00 pm.**

Auditioners will be asked to fill out an Audition Information Sheet prior to auditions; one may fill this out the night of the auditions or ahead of time by downloading the Audition Sheet – SIDE SHOW. You must be available for EVERY technical rehearsal (May 26 – May 29) and EVERY performance to be cast in this show.
Auditions: Monday, April 8 – Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 7:00pm
Rehearsals: TBA
Performances: Thursday, May 30 – Sunday, June 2, 2019

Scripts are available for check-out at the box office for a
$10 cash deposit.

Box Office hours are Tuesdays 1 pm – 7 pm
Wednesdays-Fridays 1 pm – 5 pm & Saturdays 1 pm- 4 pm

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