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Waukesha Civic Theatre Building at 264 West Main Street, Waukesha
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Waukesha Civic Theatre


Audition Dates:

Monday, June 18 starting at 7 p.m.
Tuesday, June 19 starting at 7 p.m. 
Callbacks, if needed: June 21 starting at 7 p.m.

What We Are Looking For:

There are 5 roles for women age 20-60+. There are 5 roles for men age 20-60+.

What To Bring:

No appointment is necessary. Those auditioning should be prepared to read from the script. If you will not arrive at auditions until 8:30 or later, please contact the theatre so the director can be informed.


Non Equity

Contact Information:


Additional Information:

Snowed in at their wealthy patron’s Westchester estate, a creative team reunites to launch a new show – stalked by the “Stage Door Slasher,” who haunted their last Broadway flop. (NOT a musical. YES a comedy!) The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 will run September 14 to 30, at WCT.  Carol Dolphin is directing.

Cast of Characters: 

HELSA is the German maid of the Grossenknueten estate.  She is young, slim & flexible; must be comfortable in scanty clothing for a short time (no action involved); also must play be able to play a male convincingly.  Age Range:  20's to early 30's


ELSA VON GROSSENKNUETEN is the society matron owner of the mansion and is the financial backer of many musicals. She is attractive, sophisticated but extremely eccentric. Age Range: 40's and up


MICHAEL KELLY is an undercover cop. Kelly's tough, no-nonsense attitude puts him at odds with the zany Elsa and the dramatic types that visit.  Age Range:  30's and up


PATRICK O'REILLY claims to be an Irish tenor, but he is very suspicious, especially in regards to the mysterious Helsa. Eventually, O'Reilly claims to be "Tony Garibaldi," an undercover cop with a Bronx accent-only to reveal himself as a Gestapo Agent named Klaus Stansdorff, sent to find German defectors. Age Range: 30's and up  *


KEN DE LA MAIZE is a "typical" director, speaking of theater as a "pure art." He also has an annoying habit of name-dropping, constantly citing the various celebrities he has worked with over the years.   He is handsome, melodramatic and a bit of a stereotype.  Age Range: 40's – 50's


NIKKI CRANDALL is considered a typical chorus girl-but she is eventually revealed to be Ensign Nicole Crandall, of United States Naval Intelligence. Age Range: 20's  *


EDDIE MCCUEN Eddie is an energetic, struggling, out of work comedian who ties the different story lines together. He is attracted to Nikki, but fumbles when he tries to talk to her. Age Range: late 20's – 30's  *


MARJORIE is a Broadway producer. She constantly flatters everyone around her, and speaks in elevated language; her "new word" is "divoon."   She is elegant and pseudo-sophisticated.  Age Range: 50's and up


ROGER is the composer for "White House Merry-Go-Round,"and Bernice's partner; the two have had a string of Broadway hits. Roger enjoys teasing Ken about his artistic ways,  but flares up whenever someone insults his musical style. He also knows how to deal with Bernice's many quirks. Age Range: 30's and up.  Being able to play the piano would be a plus.  *


BERNICE is a perpetually thirsty lyricist; she is Roger's partner. Bernice is very flamboyant and emotional,   often losing her composure and screaming.  She faints and/or passes out frequently.  Age Range: 40's-50's

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