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16th Street Theater


6420 16th Street

Berwyn, IL



16th Street Theater

Created to be a theater for people NOT going to the theater, 16th Street was founded in 2007 to serve and give voice to ALL in Berwyn’s community: not just for some in our community, but for all.

Dedicated to artistic excellence, professionalism (paying artists a decent wage) diversity and affordability, 16th Street exists to encourage debate, discussion and compassion amongst our community through the medium of intimate and diverse theater with the playwright as its central focus.

16th Street is a place where audiences are invited to experience not only their own stories, but to experience their neighbors’ stories and stories of “the other.”

16th Street is proud to be a program of the North Berwyn Park District residing in the 49-seat Berwyn Cultural Center.    As Berwyn’s only professional theater, inclusivity and affordability is our mantra. With the majority of Chicago theaters (small, mid-size and large) having ticket prices of $25 and up, they inadvertingly may be telling a large part of the community: “This is not for you.” Believing that artists are skilled workers who must be paid for their craft, 16th Street is proud to be an Equity theater with a top ticket price of just $22 ($18 for Berwyn Residents and Low Income) ensuring excellent, diverse and affordable theater to all.

16th Street is led by Founder/Artistic Director Ann Filmer and Managing Director Maeli Goren along with North Berwyn Park District’s Executive Director Joseph Vallez.

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