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Adventure Stage Chicago


1012 N. Noble Street

Chicago, IL



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Adventure Stage Chicago

Adventure Stage Chicago strives to become Chicago’s premier destination for theatrical productions and programming designed for young people aged 8 to 14 and the adults in their lives. We aim to be leaders in theatre education through professional development workshops, residencies and resources that offer innovative ways to infuse theatre into the classroom. We seek to cultivate and create challenging new work as well as produce celebrated stories.

We believe:
The world needs more heroes.
Being a hero in your own life can take many different forms: doing the dishes without being asked, standing up to a bully at school, coaching your son's baseball team, mowing a neighbor's lawn, volunteering in your community, teaching our children, greeting the world with a smile. Powerful stories can inspire all of us to live heroically.
Young people are inherently curious, imaginative and intelligent, and it is our responsibility to ensure that these attributes are respected and cultivated.
By featuring heroic stories with young protagonists, we are providing our audience with an empowering, self-reflective and participatory experience that is relevant to their lives now.
Artists should be valued and encouraged to take risks in a supportive environment.
Our ensemble is our core, guiding the creation of new work and supporting the growth of the company.
Our work must reflect the complexity and diversity of the communities in which we live.
We must utilize our resources responsibly to ensure sustainability.
We must engage the field of Theatre for Young Audiences on a local and national level.
We must always serve the mission of the Northwestern University Settlement House. 

ASC is proud to be a program of the Northwestern University Settlement Association. 

Northwestern Settlement
Opening Doors of Opportunity

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