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Aerial Dance Chicago


4028 W Irving Park Rd

2nd Floor/Loft A

Chicago, Illinois



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Aerial Dance Chicago

About: Aerial Dance Chicago is a nonprofit dance company dedicated to creation, performance, and instruction in the field of aerial dance.

A Vision To Fly: Aerial Dance Chicago has a vision of taking dancers into flight. Incorporating a variety of apparatus such as suspended fabrics, bungee cords, hoops, swings and ropes, company artists delve into the expressive potential of a multi-dimensional dance floor.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Aerial Dance Chicago has "justified its commitment to broadening the scope of dance and demonstrating that aerial work can achieve the beauty and poetry of genuine art."

Mission: The mission of Aerial Dance Chicago is to generate a positive impact on humanity through the fine art of aerial dance. Through innovative choreography, engaging performances and energizing hands-on experiences, our programs enrich, connect and strengthen people of all walks of life.

Aerial Dance Chicago inspires everyday people to challenge their own assumed limits to reveal undiscovered potential. Through highly original and physical programming, the company reawakens humanity's craving for live, kinetic and creative experiences and contributes to the health and empowerment of the community.

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