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A Doll's House
Touchstone Theatre
Presented By:
American Players Theatre
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Presented by American Players Theatre

Nora’s world is sheltered beneath a shiny bell jar, with plenty of satin and little substance. And yet, there are hints of something darker just beneath her carefree veneer. It seems this little lark may have some skeletons in her nest, and those bones don’t rest easy. So what begins as a family drama quickly reveals itself to be a life-or-death thriller, exquisite in its portrayal of humanity’s more complex and messy bits, and offering no clear villains. Or escape routes. Nora’s story is one for the ages — shocking for its time, and offering a cliffhanger that still haunts collective psyche after all these years. 
Runs August 10 – October 6. Opens August 17.

FEATURING Kelsey Brennan, Nate Burger, Carolyn Hoerdemann, Juan Rivera Lebron, Aila Peck, Cristina Panfilio, Marcus Truschinski


2019 will mark the first Ibsen production at APT in 20 years, and we welcome him back with one of his best-known plays. Radical for its day – and ever after – A Doll’s House gives us a look inside the family life of Nora and Torvold Helmer. They are well-to-do and, by appearance, happy, preparing to celebrate Christmas as the play begins. It doesn’t take long for cracks to appear in the façade as blackmail, lies and love triangles begin to decay the foundations of the Helmer household, leading to a conclusion so shocking for its time that Ibsen was forced to provide an alternate ending. 

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