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August Wilson's Fences
Up-the-Hill Theatre
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American Players Theatre
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Presented by American Players Theatre

Troy Maxson’s yard is his refuge. A sanctuary where, at long last, the grass is finally green. But it can always be greener, right? Troy’s story is both unique and universal — a portrait of the unsteady bridge between fathers and sons, and the wives and mothers who stand cheering for both sides while hanging their own dreams out to dry. A story strong enough to bear the weight of injustice and yearning and love, at its best and its most destructive. And it’s bigger — it’s more — than all of that. Yet it fits snug on our Hill stage, the perfect platform for a could‑have‑been‑great man. A lyrical, heartbreaking love song sung in August Wilson’s unparalleled poetry, about people whose hearts beat vast and deep. 
Runs August 2 – September 28. Opening night: August 10. 

FEATURING Karen Aldridge, David Alan Anderson, Bryant Louis Bentley, Yao Dogbe, Jamal James, Gavin Lawrence


Troy Maxson is a man with a loving family, and soul full of bittersweet hope. He spends his days working as a garbage collector, Friday afternoons drinking with his friend Bono, and his nights in the arms of Rose, his loving wife of many years. Before Rose, Troy spent time in prison, where he developed a love for baseball, and he believes he could have been a professional if not for the color of his skin. As Troy ruminates on his past and his present, it begins to seem that his regrets may outweigh his happiness, even as his fortunes turn toward the better. A heart-wrenching look at a complex and flawed man, filled with exquisitely drawn characters and August Wilson’s stunning poetry.  

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