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Blood Knot
Touchstone Theatre
Presented By:
American Players Theatre
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Presented by American Players Theatre

This is a play about race. About apartheid, which is technically dead, and racism, which is very much alive. It’s about the to-the-bone love between brothers; the kind that transcends skin color and crosses social chasms. Or not. Family can at times tread a fine line between love and less admirable emotions. Sometimes it even crosses over. These men and their story invite you to explore that complex and compelling contradiction. To dig beneath the surface of what makes us kin, and what happens when we don’t like what we find there. Like all the best plays, Blood Knot is both relatable and searingly intimate. And like all the best plays, it will get under your skin. 

Featuring: Jim DeVita, Gavin Lawrence


Two brothers live a quiet, strained existence in a tiny house in apartheid South Africa. Morris, who has very fair skin, and has in the past passed as white, has recently returned to Port Elizabeth and is living with his brother Zachariah, who works long, painful hours as a sentry at the gate of a whites-only park. Despite Morris’ constant presence, Zach is lonely for the company of a woman, so Morris suggests he find a pen pal. When it turns out Zach’s pen pal is a white woman, the brothers’ desperation exposes the complex angles of their relationship in this powerful play by the man who wrote The Island (produced at APT in 2015) and Exits and Entrances (at APT in 2010). 

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