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Born Yesterday
Up-the-Hill Theatre
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American Players Theatre
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Presented by American Players Theatre

Just when you think politics has lost its sense of humor, in rides Billie Dawn on a breath of fresh air. She’s buried her smarts beneath layers of satin and showgirl sass, but hers is a highly combustible kind of clever. So when her powerful, junk-peddling boyfriend sets out to buy a senator, he decides his girl should be a little less Vegas and a little more DC, striking the flint that sets her mind ablaze. Billie may be the new kid in class, but she’s nobody’s fool. She’s simply her glorious self, whether she’s reading Dickens or wrapping men around her dazzling little finger. A hilarious and uniquely American comedy. 

Featuring: David Daniel, Sarah Day, Colleen Madden, Reese Madigan, John Taylor Phillips, James Ridge

Shady businessman Harry Brock heads to Washington with his ex-showgirl girlfriend Billie Dawn in an attempt to shift the law to his side. When Brock decides that Billie is too unrefined to mix with the DC political set, he hires journalist Paul Verrall to make her appear more intelligent. But a little education can go a long way, and Billie may be smarter than her “friends” give her credit for. A hilarious and timely send up of politics and perceptions.

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