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American Players Theatre
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Revenge is a Dish Best Served in the Touchstone

This fall, the Touchstone takes on a darker hue. A seemingly solid relationship suddenly teeters, attacked from without and within. Motes of mistrust, sown in a calculated pattern, and fed by a subtle skepticism of loving and being loved. Doubt can be an insidious poison, and that doubles down when you’re talking about marriage. Because sometimes, in the mind’s stealthy quiet, a question surfaces: Am I enough? Yes or no, the answer carries consequences. Deception is a fascinating drug, and this play sells it in spades. A riveting psychological thriller to close the season.

Featuring: Tracy Michelle Arnold, Jim DeVita & Marcus Truschinski

Adolph has made a new friend; a mentor of sorts who seeks to guide him both on his artistic ventures and in matters of his marriage to the charming, vivacious Tekla, who is older than Adolph. It quickly becomes apparent that this new friend – Gustav – may have some ulterior motives, as Adolph and Tekla’s relationship becomes more and more fraught due to Gustav’s influence and Adolph’s own insecurities. A dark and chilling psychological experiment played out on the Touchstone stage.

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