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Engaging Shaw
Touchstone Theatre
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American Players Theatre
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Kidding ourselves. As humans, it may be our greatest skill. That goes for academics and artists; rivals and lovers. And, as it turns out, famous philandering writers like this one, who wrote Heartbreak House. But self-deception often comes with a reckoning, and Shaw’s comes in the form of Charlotte Payne-Townsend – a whirlwind of wit, beauty and her own notions about love and marriage, thank you very much. There’s so much to swoon about, watching clever people fall in love, cheered on by their equally clever friends. It’s sparkly fun with a spine of steel and a story immersed in real life. It almost makes us pine for autumn. 

Featuring: Tracy Michelle Arnold, Gavin Lawrence, Colleen Madden, James Ridge


George Bernard Shaw is well known for his writing, wit and commitment to social justice. But in his time, he was also known for being an unrepentant philanderer. His aversion to marriage was so strong that he clung to it even in the face of the clever and charismatic Charlotte Payne-Townshend, who is clearly more than a match for him. Urged on by their friends Beatrice and Sidney Webb, the two would-be lovers trade witty barbs as they form a close friendship. The question at the center of this charming, romantic comedy is whether or not they’ll ever admit how close that friendship is.

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