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Exit the King
Touchstone Theatre
Presented By:
American Players Theatre
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Presented by American Players Theatre

A fading king teeters on the brink of apocalypse, flanked by two queens and a few dotty subjects. And together they somehow manage to convince us that, of all the events in life, death may be the most ridiculous. It’s absurd, of course. Yet absurdism is the ever-entertaining gateway drug to existential introspection. Sure, jousting with the unknown can be a little unsettling, but the brilliance of this play lies in how beautifully it flips the narrative on those fears. The result is a deeply moving and savagely funny story. Where everyone dies at the end.

Featuring Tracy Michelle Arnold, Sarah Day, Casey Hoekstra, John Pribyl, James Ridge, Cassia Thompson


An absurdist masterpiece in the Touchstone Theatre. A fading ruler at the helm of a world in decline, King Berenger is having some trouble accepting his fate. His first wife, Marguerite, is intent on forcing him to face his mortality, while his second wife, Marie, wants to shield him from the bad news. All the while an eccentric mix of servants weigh in from the sidelines, with varying degrees of helpfulness. A very funny and deeply moving look at the end of it all.

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