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Our Country's Good
Touchstone Theatre
Presented By:
American Players Theatre
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Presented by American Players Theatre

The most unbelievable stories are often born from truth. This one, for example, about Australia’s infamous penal colony. But there are other truths that swirl inside that story. For example, that not all crimes are equal, and not all prisoners are crooks. That art redeems. That language transforms. And that people born without a chance deserve a chance to be something better. Maybe words can’t pick their locks, but they can free them from their shackles. And it’s not just the convicts who feel that freedom. It’s all of us. 

PS: There is a play within this play and it happens to be The Recruiting Officer. See them together for a richer experience of both.

Contains strong language.

Each actor in Our Country’s Good will play multiple roles. The ensemble is: Kelsey Brennan, Carl Bryant, Nate Burger, Josh Krause, Juan Rivera Lebron, Brian Mani, Cristina Panfilio, Jefferson A. Russell, Andrea San Miguel and Cassia Thompson. 


A group of soldiers and criminals have been sent to Australia as part of a recently created penal colony. The conditions are bad all around, as food is scarce for both jailor and jailed, and the punishment for theft is dire. To raise morale (and in hopes of being noticed by the governor), Lieutenant Ralph Clark decides to stage a production of Farquhar’s comedy The Recruiting Officer, cast with inmates. But Ralph has his hands full with this group of actors, who are sometimes loveable, sometimes unscrupulous, and always perfectly human. Offering candid conversations about incarceration, gender, race, sex and the redemptive power of art, this play pairs particularly well with The Recruiting Officer. Note: contains strong language and adult themes.

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