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It’s not summer at APT without a fit-to-split comedy, and this is among the best of its brand. A particularly witty young lady takes her marital future in hand, using all the creative misdirection at her disposal — and there’s a lot. Including, but absolutely not limited to, an inn that’s not an inn, a maid that’s not a maid and a noble or two who might be a little less than noble. Subterfuge aside, these suitors are pretty new to this whole love thing, and their aching attempts at wooing leave them looking rather ridiculous. And absolutely adorable. A raucous British comedy in the hands of APT’s actors is the equivalent of a full-length showstopper. 
Runs June 14 – September 20. Opening night: June 22.

FEATURING La Shawn Banks, Sarah Day, Ty Fanning, Jamal James, Josh Krause, James Ridge, Laura Rook


Wealthy countryman Mr. Hardcastle is hoping to marry his lovely daughter Kate off to a rich suitor. They both set their sights on Charles Marlow, the son of a rich Londoner. When they receive further intelligence on Charles, they discover that he finds women of high society intimidating, and prefers the company of the serving class. So Kate hatches a plan to pose as a maid in hopes of putting Charles at ease and, eventually, marrying him. Of course, no scheme goes exactly as planned, and Kate’s results in the kind of uproarious comedy that our company plays so perfectly.

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