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Nobody’s born great. Not even the people who populate history books. Take this tale of a young Napoleon Bonaparte, as imagined by one Mr. George Bernard Shaw. Sure, it’s not a true tale. Probably. But it is a smart and funny peek at a future-famous leader while he’s still wet behind the oreilles; his burgeoning experience as yet outranked by his boundless ego. And better still, we get to see this conqueror of worlds conquered by a woman. We can’t wait for you to see how they spark as they spar in this irresistible and rarely produced comedy. 
Runs June 8 – September 21. Opens June 15.

FEATURING Josh Krause, Charles Pasternak, James Ridge, Cassia Thompson


Just after his victory at the Battle of Lodi, Napoleon Bonaparte is preparing to enjoy his lunch when a lieutenant arrives, telling him the important dispatches he’d been carrying were stolen. Enraged, Napoleon orders him to find the dispatches or be court martialed, when a woman appears with information about the theft. Napoleon is suspicious of her story, and the two embark on a battle of wits – and with Shaw in the byline, you know those wits are witty, indeed – as Napoleon attempts to save face, and the mysterious lady’s motives rise to the surface.

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