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The Other Cinderella
Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center
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Black Ensemble Theater
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Presented by Black Ensemble Theater

“Jackie Taylor's The Other Cinderella”

Written and Directed by Jackie Taylor
Now in its 43rd year, “The Other Cinderella” is indeed a Black classic that has been enjoyed by people of all colors, kinds and ages. In this African American rendition of this African fairy tale – Cinderella is from the projects, the Stepmamma works at the post office, there is a King, Queen and Prince, there are the Brothers From The Hood, and The Fairygodmama is from Jamaica. “The Other Cinderella” is a musical classic that audiences have returned to see time and time again. The music is divine, the dancing is wild and the story is uplifting, positive
and infectious – you owe it to yourself to experience “The Other Cinderella” more than once in your lifetime.

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