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Block St Theatre Co



Fayetteville, Arkansas


Block St Theatre Co

Oh, the majestic Block St Theatre! Towering above the town square with its impressive turn-of-the-century brickwork facade and its understated -- Wait, wait, OK, there is no actual physical theatre space on Block St (at least not yet anyway). But we chose that name because it represents the metaphorical heart of Fayetteville, Arkansas where Block St Theatre Co was born.

Like a lot of college towns (it's home to the University of Arkansas), Fayetteville supports a thriving community of artists--musicians, visual artists, writers, and of course, theatre artists. Founded by a handful of grads from the UofA's theatre MFA program, Block St aims to provide a venue where some of Fayetteville's bounty of theatre talent can find its expression.

With a little imagination, we've been turning the absence of a permanent physical space from a limitation into an advantage. From a downtown art gallery to a speakeasy bar nestled in the theatre district to a black box on the UofA campus, there's no location in Fayetteville that's off limits to our brand of theatre. And this season, that perform-anywhere attitude is taking us all the way to Chicago!

We're about producing plays -- both acclaimed classics and world premieres -- that are going to keep you riveted in you seat and make you feel and make you think and give you something to talk about after the show. We're about delivering every penny's worth for your entertainment dollar. We're about theatre for theatre's sake. We are Block St Theatre Co.

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