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Carroll University's Carroll Players


100 N. East Avenue

Waukesha, WI



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Carroll University's Theatre & Arts Management Program

Dedicated to new and innovative theater production, Wisconsin's first theatre organization was inaugurated in June 1896 with a production of Bulwer Lyton's "Richelieu," staged by May N. Rankin, the daughter of former Carroll President Walter Rankin. Miss Rankin developed the curricular program in 1901 and eventually produced graduates including Alfred Lunt, who, with wife Lynne Fontanne, has a Broadway theater named in his honor. A museum and theatre center has been established at their former estate, Ten Chimneys, in Genesee Depot, Wisconsin.

The Theatre Club at Carroll University is also a very important part of what makes Carroll's Theatre program so successful. The Carroll Players is open to any student on campus who has an interest in theater. Carroll Players does a variety of events every year such as a 24-Hour Show - where students put on a theatrical production in 24-hours - a murder mystery dinner, an improv show, and more! 

This unification of Carroll Players has allowed students to have more opportunities in the theatrical process, while still having a social group. Students now have the ability to be more involved in the design, directing and producing aspects of the theater season at Carroll. 

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