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Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble


Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble

1650 W Foster

Chicago, IL



Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble

Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble engages and inspires the community through socially conscious performances and outreach programs fusing literature, theatre, contemporary dance, multimedia and visual art.

Our company was founded to create performance with a purpose. We work to grow a diverse audience, manifesting change on many levels by working hand-in-hand with partners in the Chicago community.

Collaboration with community organizations is vital to the production of our performances and to the implementation of our outreach programs. Our collaborative spirit enables us to illuminate import socio-political issues and provide a voice for those who are often unheard, creating a conversation with the community.

Inspired by the German Expressionist movement, Tanztheater, we use the written word as the structure and body movement as the primary tool to tell compelling narratives fusing theatre, dance, multimedia and visual art.

Our outreach programs, Kids Project and Teen Artist Project, provide schools and community centers multidisciplinary arts education programming.

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