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Collaboraction Theatre Company


1579 N Milwaukee, 3rd Floor

Chicago, Illinois



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Collaboraction Theatre Company

Our Vision is of a transdiciplinary company that brings people together to utilize theatre and live events to explore the most pressing issues of our times, cultivate dialogue and incite change. 

We value the fundamentals of writing, directing, design and acting we inherited from great Chicago theater tradition. We value ambitious, high quality work that addresses the interests of our target audience in novel and entertaining ways. We value the idea of an inclusive artistic community, where both artist and audience and integral. We value innovative marketing. We are artistically ambitious yet we have learned true creativity can only be sustained by fiscal responsibility and sound planning. Finally, we value our brand’s identity, comprised of the following elements: Theater-based / artistic community / Multi-disciplinary collaboration / Highly networked with other artists and our audience / Focus on a young, urban (Chicago-based) demographic / High production values / Artistic ambition / novel, interactive experiences, Sound business planning.

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