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Presented by Edgerton Performing Arts Center

Barrage 8 is a musical spectacle that will touch every one of your senses. It’s impossible not to be moved by this virtuosic, high energy show which craftily reveals a wide range of musical styles. Dancing to Uptown Funk, getting off your feet to join the Conga, stomping along to 70’s rock, jazz, classical, blues, Barrage 8 originals and much more; you’ll find your favorite playlist here!

The variety of musical repertoire and infectious energy of the performers will stimulate your imagination and give you an exhilarating connection to the music at an emotional level. Barrage 8 will make you feel happy, sad, joyful, sentimental, nostalgic, amazed, impressed, speechless, energized, uplifted. To sum it up -- you will feel alive!

New for 2016, the stage show will incorporate Barrage 8’s trademark style, energy, and high production values into a masterful re-imagining of the string octet. The elaborately choreographed show includes whirling dancing set to infectious rhythms that energize audiences from start to finish.

Don’t miss the triumphant return – Barrage 8!

Website: http://www.barrage8.com/

All concerts funded by the William and Joyce Wartmann Endowment for the Performing Arts

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