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Feast of Crispian


Feast of Crispian

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Milwaukee, WI



Feast of Crispian

Our country is currently in a crisis of need for programs that help veterans who are returning from war with wounds that keep them from successfully reconnecting with family, employment and community. Although the understanding of the hidden wounds, such as PTSD, is growing and the stigma of such wounds is decreasing, the need for a variety of programs that help these men and women is enormous. Feast of Crispian is a unique program that reaches these inner wounds in a wide range of ways.

Through specially modified acting techniques, we are able to immediately get our vets up on stage, speaking, moving and making the emotional connections that telling these stories require. They are once again in a tight unit – a “band of brothers” – where the safety and the well being of the individual is the concern and the duty of the whole group. We use physical and emotional exercises and honest discussion to further strengthen the serviceman’s ability to connect with others. Experiencing a wide range of emotions is at the heart of a satisfying and happy life.

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