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Filament Theatre Ensemble


4041 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Chicago, Illinois



Filament Theatre Ensemble

Visionary Theatre, Vibrant Neighborhood, Verdant Earth

Filament Theatre’s vision is to become an international leader in the performing arts and green industries by modeling how to fully integrate excellent artistic practice with the needs of a redeveloping community and a taxed ecosystem.

We equally value:
The natural world and all her living creatures
The past, present and future

About the Company:

Filament Theatre was founded in 2007 and has establishing itself as an anchor arts company for the Portage Park neighborhood since 2014.  Over the years Filament has caught the attention of the theatre industry, including features on NPR’s All Things Considered, TEDx, Chicago Artists Resource, and several other local and national news outlets.  This attention has translated into well-received and profitable productions across several different locations.  When Alderman John Arena of the 45th Ward and Arts Alive 45 recruited Filament to lease an available storefront in the Six Corners Business District, they were attracted to Filament’s record of high quality productions coupled with a business-savvy and civically engaged staff.

Over the next three years, Filament expects to develop a loyal and diverse audience through a wide variety of programming and a focus on redeveloping the Six Corners Business District into an arts and culture hub.  Having already produced a successful heritage project prior to the theatre space even being built, Filament has positioned itself to grow into one of the most influential voices in this “arts poor” neighborhood.  Supported by strong political will, an educated and diverse population, a commitment to reasonable ticket prices and only mild competition from any local entertainment, Filament will be able to capture local theatre audiences currently taking their business elsewhere as well new theatre audiences not yet introduced to the wide variety available in the performing arts.

But more than just producing plays, Filament intends to set a new standard for social impact by establishing the first eco-theatre in Chicago.  Having already completed an energy and resource audit as well as engaging sustainability and “green” experts across several industries, Filament aims to pioneer a solutions-based approach to climate health.  Relying on our expertise in storytelling and design, we intend to demonstrate how the needs of a business, a neighborhood and the Earth are embedded within each other and that it is possible to equally satisfy the needs of all three simultaneously.

Filament has the tools, talent and timing to redefine the impact of the performing arts, not only in the Portage Park neighborhood but throughout our global community.  Filament is developing solutions to serve three sectors demanding innovation: the arts, urban redevelopment and sustainable design.  Detailed in this plan are our current resources, our philosophy and our strategies to achieve our short and long term goals.  Filament is investing in our artists, our neighborhood and our Earth; any investment in us is therefore a united investment in people, profit and planet.

Filament Theatre is a Non-Profit organization recognized as 501(c)(3).

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