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A shadowy cabal of anarchists has risen in London and Scotland Yard is determined to bring them down. When Gabriel Syme joins the undercover detail tasked with infiltrating the anarchists’ operations, he soon finds himself sitting on their Supreme Council with the code name “Thursday.” But as Syme unearths the Council’s true nature, it becomes clear that no one in this battle between law and chaos is as they seem, and that Scotland Yard may have created the very problem they’re trying to solve. Challenge all assumptions and uncover the truth in this absorbing adaptation of the 1908 satire by G. K. Chesterton.

Ensemble member Bilal Dardai and former New Leaf Theatre Artistic Director Jess Hutchinson return to a project they first mounted at New Leaf Theatre in 2009 (Non-Equity Jeff nomination: New Adaptation), re-exploring this absurdist tale of identity and intrigue for a new decade.

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