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Loyola University Chicago Department of Fine and Performing Arts


1020 W. Sheridan Road

Mundelein Center, Suite 1200

Chicago, IL



Loyola University Chicago Department of Fine and Performing Arts


The major goal of the Fine Arts Department at Loyola University Chicago is to enable students to develop and refine their modes of perception while expressing themselves in a variety of ways.

The Program:

The Fine Arts program offers several majors: art history, ceramics, drawing and painting, photography, and visual communication. Each student's course of study is tailored through consultation with an advisor to his or her needs, capabilities, and professional goals. This  flexibility stresses individuality and allows students to broaden and enhance their professional experience. 


Loyola Chicago offers a prime location for this study of fine arts. Its museums, concert halls, and libraries are a vast resource for academic study. And because this city constantly produces fresh examples of jazz, architecture, and public art, Loyola students gain vital access to the living history and practice of the arts.



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