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Peter Phippen is a Grammy Award Nominee, International Acoustic Music Awards Nominee and Native American Music Awards Nominee. Peter is a performer and recording artist specializing in Native American style flutes and other traditional flutes from around the world. As an educator, he has researched the history and performance technique of flutes both ancient and modern and has shared his knowledge in concerts, lessons, workshops, and artist residencies.

Rahbi (Roberta) Crawford has accepted her calling as a Musical Mystic. (Mystic: A seeker of Spiritual truths). One of the truths is that to be in balance we must honor our bodies, mind and emotions as well as spirit. As a classically trained music teacher and conductor, she holds two Master Degrees, one in Music Education and another in Choral Conducting. With a passion for orchestral conducting, Rahbi devoted 6 years to further an orchestral conducting career by participating in professional conducting workshops with the American Symphony Orchestra League and the Conductor's Guild and International workshops in the Czech Republic with the Zlin professional orchestra. Her studies with advanced musicianship trainer Marianne Ploger, in 2000, led her to the revelation that notes, when played together, have different vibrational affects. When performing, musicians are not just presenting an intellectual and emotional experience, but also an experience that can physically affect the listener through the vibrational qualities of the work.

"Phippen's flute is delightful and creates an inner energy of reflection and peace, while Crawford's bowls are so delicately played, one can feel the body and mind relaxing, we are indeed on a journey of self-discovery and balance."
-Syeve Owm - One World Music - Cyprus, Greece

"The flute seems to echo the bowl's chiming even though they are on different planes of melody. It was not long before I found myself lost in the flow and pulsations, becoming a small part of the occurrence. I have to admit I was impressed by how the music was balanced among the instruments, none overpowering the other in what was a show of respect for each other and the music.
-RJ Lannan / The Sounding Board - Zone Music Reporter

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