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Mercury Players Theatre


Mercury Players Theatre

P.O. Box 3113

Madison, WI



Mercury Players

Mercury Players is a company of theatre artists. We are dedicated to creating exceptional productions of original, new and unusual plays.  With our work, we challenge participants and audiences to see themselves and their world with a fresh perspective. Mercury Players is a 501(c)3 non-profit theater company.

Mercury Players specializes in new, unusual, and original plays with a leaning towards black comedy. We revel in surprise. Past published playwrights include Nicky Silver, Christopher Durang, Paula Vogel, Joe Pintauro, George F. Walker, Rebecca Gilman, and Jane Martin. We have also produced original, locally written plays by Doug Reed, Rob Matushita, Catherine Capellaro and Andrew Rohn, Marty Mulhern, plus countless others via our annual 24-hour play fest, the Blitz.

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