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Available beginning in April 2021


Would you recognize a miracle if you saw one?

In an all-new production of an MCT favorite, a keep-to-herself librarian receives a book 113 years past-due through the overnight drop slot—and a message scrawled in the weather-beaten volume’s margins ignites an unforgettable globe-trotting odyssey through the ages as she searches for the mysterious borrower to collect the fine.  Embroiled in a mesmerizing metaphysical detective story that evolves from a hunt for a mysterious legend from Jewish antiquity to the source of the triumphant fortitude and wonder that binds the human race, she finds herself actually living her life for perhaps the first time in her life—and discovering that the true joy and purpose of every trip lies in the journey itself.

Featuring: Elyse Edelman

Directed by MCT Artistic Director Brent Hazelton


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