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Animal Farm
Milwaukee Repertory Theater's Quadracci Powerhouse Theater
Presented By:
Milwaukee Repertory Theater
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MKE Rep - Animal Farm
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Presented by the Milwaukee Repertory Theater

Adapted by Ian Wooldridge
Directed by May Adrales
January 9 – February 11, 2018 • Quadracci Powerhouse
A co-production with Baltimore Center Stage 

Among the most famous political novels of all time, Animal Farm is a timeless and devastating allegory of idealism betrayed by the desire for personal power. When the animals of Manor Farm drive out their abusive farmer, they take over running the farm for themselves. Their experiment in collective leadership succeeds—until the pigs step into the vacuum of power created by the farmer’s expulsion, and betray the ideals of freedom and equality for all animals. This vibrant and moving production will breathe fresh life into a literary classic as resonant today as when it was first published.

Student Performances 
• Student Matinee: Jan 30 and 31 at 10:30am  
• Rep Immersion Day: Jan 23 and Feb 7 at 8:30am/11:00am  
• Other Matinees: Jan 17 and 24 at 1:30pm 
Age Recommendation: 5th grade and up
Content Advisory: Alcohol references, some violence
Topics: Tyranny, power, democracy, corruption, class stratification, literature adaptation

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