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NightBlue Performing Arts Company


Nightblue Performing Arts Co.

11976 Holly Ct

Lemont, IL



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NightBlue Performing Arts Company


NightBlue was formed in January 2006 for the purpose of creating theater with one unifying theme in mind: no masks, no walls, all honesty. We are built on a simple philosophy that performance reflects life experience and that rehearsal is an educational tool to explore what we know inside about ourselves and each other. At NightBlue, innovation and creativity are encouraged on a daily basis in a safe and educational environment, and truth and honesty in performance are constantly sought through self-exploration. Our constant goal is to look within, to create truthful depth without. NightBlue Performing Arts Company was born from this creative concept and soon added branches of Repertory, Ensemble, and Board members that were instituted to expand the scope of the work beyond individual shows. In dozens of productions in just a handful of years, we have employed hundreds of actors, many of whom were playing a lead role for the very first time. We have debuted new directors, new administrators, and established an understudy and double-casting system that allows a tremendous opportunity for artists to experience and learn further. Our Board consists of every type of professional, from financial analysts, fundraising administrators, marketing executives, to lawyers, actors, and make-up artists. The intimate workers of NightBlue are as varied and diverse as the art it creates. In its short life, NighBlue has featured the work of artists at all ages. Believing that all actors are capable of deep commitment to real characters, NighBlue launched its first summer teen musical theater immersion program in its first year. Now, our Michigan Summer Theater Festival has provided opportunities for the children of Harbour Country to explore all the elements of theater in a safe educational setting for the last five years. This year students were involved in The Wizard of Oz and a modern version of Romeo and Juliet. A new instrumental component was added that provided an opportunity for young musicians to learn the art of playing in a pit, taught by two of our Chicago mainstage musicians. NightBlue Performing Arts Company has quickly established itself as a unique provider of honest and impassioned theater. We are unafraid to take risks on-stage and off, and continue to create compelling art throughout the Chicagoland area. NightBlue has expanded its reputation and performance base throughout the city, with many honors and accolades along the way. We continue to work toward opening our new South Side Annex in Lemont which will bring theater back to the south suburbs. We began in the south suburbs and have not forgotten our roots. Meanwhile, Chicago productions continue to go forward. Last season’s Avenue Q was nominated for five Jeff Awards. Our new production of Spamalot will be opening September 6.


From the Holocaust, to the Fall of Saigon, to the reality of divorce, to dealing with death from AIDS, NightBlue embraces difficult topics and tells stories that examine who we are as human beings at our core. NightBlue actors embrace raw human emotional experience and channel it in unique ways to create characters that remind us of ourselves.


In its short life, NightBlue has featured the work of children, teens, adults and seniors of all backgrounds and experiences. Believing that actors of all ages are capable of deeply committed work, NightBlue launched a summer teen musical theatre immersion program in its first year of operation. In its second year, this program tripled in size. Because of the commitment of these actors, NightBlue debuted a full length show in 2007 featuring teens in lead roles—the classic, “Little Women.”


NightBlue was built on the dream of providing meaningful opportunity for talented performers. In over 28 shows in 4 years, NightBlue has used over 250 different actors and in almost every performance, has featured an actor playing a lead role for the first time. NightBlue has debuted eight new directors, and employed an understudy and double-casting philosophy which provides a tremendous opportunity for multiple actors to experience the character development of a lead part. In many cases, our understudies have excelled to the point that they have been awarded performance time in leading roles.


NightBlue challenges its actors to look within themselves and to conquer any fear of using their naked emotions in ways that express the essence of their characters. In 2010, NightBlue dared to be the first company in Chicago to re-imagine RENT.


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