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North Shore Academy of the Arts (NSAA)


1111 Broad Street

Grafton, Wisconsin




North Shore Academy of the Arts, Inc. (NSAA) is a not-for-profit company dedicated to offering high caliber opportunities in the performing, visual, and literary arts to all ages.

It is designed to encourage, inspire and promote creativity while fostering a cultural appreciation of the arts in our communities. NSAA promotes a sense of self worth, responsibility, and strength of character while providing individuals and families the means to recognize and develop talents, interests, assets, and aspirations. Beyond the arts, NSAA strives to build healthy communities through the development of positive values and a commitment that will be evident across all cultural and socio-economic groups.

Programming and Community Outreach:

Performing Arts

The art of music, drama/theater and dance, that are often performed in from of an audience, are developed at NSAA to instill in the student a sense of self-esteem, accomplishment, and pride.

Visual Art

Classes emphasize creative problem-solving and experimentation with a variety of media. In addition to art-making, classes include many art activities and group discussions involving critiques and well as viewing works of art.

Literary Art

North Shore Academy of the Arts is excited about our Literary Arts Department, where opportunities to be exposed to the world of writing abound. Adult writing classes taught by MFA instructors, editors that fly in from publishing houses around the country, children’s poetry classes, guest author visits, and on the spot critiques on manuscripts.


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