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We have to confess you’ll laugh your sin off as that heavenly show from Chicago turns a page! Late Nite Catechism celebrates its 25th Anniversary, and we open the good book on two exclusive summer performances in the intimate Northlight Theatre at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie.

Whether you spent your years attending Catholic school or think the Hail Mary is just a desperate football pass, you’re going to love this divine comedy. This show is part catechism class, part improvised stand-up routine and it’s simply just a ton of fun with a nun. You, the audience member, are part of the Sister’s class. She’ll take you on a hilarious trip down memory lane and back to the days of the Latin Mass, meatless Fridays, school uniforms and justice dispensed across the knuckles with a wooden ruler. Ruling her classroom with an iron fist, Sister teaches her students everything she knows about saints, sin, heaven and hell…while dolling out rewards and reprimands with lightning speed. Call it Carol Burnett meets Whoopi Goldberg.

This interactive comedy is the longest continuously running show in Chicago history and the longest one-character comedy in off-Broadway history. The New York Times calls it “hilarious, well-written and inspired.” The Chicago Reader calls it “a top-notch comedy.” Jeffrey Lyons from TV’s Sneak Previews called Late Nite Catechism “something to savor and enjoy….one of the most intimate, rewarding shows in town.” In addition to all the nun-fun and belly-laughs, Late Nite Catechism has helped raise more than $3 million for the retirement funds of various orders of nuns.

The role of Sister, the wise-cracking, lovable character of Late Nite Catechism, was created by Vicki Quade and Maripat Donovan, both products of the Catholic school system. Now a beloved Chicago original and international hit, Late Nite Catechism opened in 1993 at Live Bait Theatre in Chicago. Late Nite Catechism has blessed three popes, three cardinals, four presidents, two Chicago mayors, at least a dozen Chicago area theaters, twenty local actresses, and provided laughter to more than 3.5 million audience members in more than 410 cities, playing in six countries on four continents.

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