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Northeastern Illinois University

Benjamin Firer, director
Location Details
3701 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.
Chicago IL 60659 US

Location Contact: Information Center
Location Phone: 773-442-4636


Getting to Northeastern Illinois University

By car: The performance spaces at NEIU are easiest to
access by entering the campus at 3701 West Bryn Mawr Ave.
If entering from 3600 West Foster, take the access road
north to the parking areas. Parking Permits are now required for all events on campus. 

Public Transportation
North or southbound
CTA Brown Line Stop:
• #82 bus north to
Bryn Mawr Ave.
• #82 bus: exit at
Bryn Mawr Ave. and walk
two blocks west
• #53 bus: exit at
Bryn Mawr Ave. and walk
east. Enter via breezeway
between Lech Walesa
Hall and the Stage Center

East or westbound
• #92 bus: exit at Central
Park Avenue and walk
north into the campus.
Enter via the Student
Union building.


Virtual Parking Permits.

Parking Permits are now required for all events on campus. 
Please have your license plate number on hand to enter into the system. Blue Zone virtual daily permits cost $5 per day. 
Download the free Passport Parking app to your smartphone or visit the website to create your account. 

Note, if you already use the parking app Park Chicago, you can login to the Passport Parking app with the same pin and phone number and your accounts will be connected. However, you must use the Passport Parking app at NEIU. 

• Register your car with the
app or on the website with
your phone number or email,
credit card and license
plate number.

• Enter your zone number,
which you will find on the
signage located in your
specific parking location
at NEIU.

• Pay for your parking.

• Parking is valid until 11:59 p.m. on the day of purchase.
If you don’t use a smartphone you can purchase your parking in advance from work or home through the website

Use the zone number 5523 (Lot
D, Blue Zone) for theatre parking or 
5520 (Lot F, Blue Zone) for concert or art gallery parking.

Other Options:
• You may also drive up to the yellow kiosk in the parking garage that dispenses a paper receipt for display.

• If you do not use a smartphone and need more
assistance with securing permit parking please
contact the Parking Facility or sponsoring program at
least 24 hours in advance and during business hours.

NEIU Parking Facility:
(773) 442-4114 or 4117
8 am-9 pm M-Th
8 am-5 pm Fri

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