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A Dickens Carol
Madison Street Theater
Presented By:
Oak Park Festival Theatre
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Oak Park Festival Theater - A Dickens Carol
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Oak Park Festival Theatre

written by Ned Crowley          directed by Kevin Theis

Before Scrooge.  Before Jacob Marley.  Charles Dickens had his own ghosts to contend with.

A Dickens Carol is an all-new holiday tradition that re-imagines the story of Scrooge from Dickens’ point of view and real-life events.

It’s 1842 Victorian London, and Dickens popularity is on the wane.  His marriage and finances are in trouble and he has become embittered towards life itself.   Yes, in a way, Dickens has become a bit of a Scrooge.   A character he has yet to even create! But on a cold Christmas eve, his fortunes take a dramatic turn when a train crash sends Dickens into the icy Kent river. There, in a sinking carriage, Dickens is visited by three Spirits who lead him on a journey through his past, present, and future.  A journey that transforms his life and inspires him to write his most celebrated work ever. “A Dickens Carol” is not only the carol behind the most famous carol of all time.   It’s an all-new twist on a family ghost story that promises to melt the heart of any Scrooge out there.

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