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Elizabeth Rex
Austin Gardens
Presented By:
Oak Park Festival Theatre
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Oak Park Festival Theatre - Elizabeth Rex
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Presented by Oak Park Festival Theatre

By Timothy Findley          Directed by Barbara Zahora

One of them has nothing left to lose.  The other is “Good Queen Bess” on the worst night of her life.  And William Shakespeare remembers it all.

The Earl of Essex, Elizabeth I’s favorite and her rumored lover, has been found guilty of treason and is scheduled to be executed in the morning.  Seeking distraction, the troubled queen visits the stables where Shakespeare and his players are lodged for the night after a court performance of Much Ado About Nothing. Here she meets Ned, the man who plays Shakespeare’s greatest leading ladies, and a force who might prove to be a greater danger to her than Essex ever was.

As more than one life hangs in the balance before the dawn, Elizabeth wrestles with the duality of her nature.  Can she ever truly be a woman and rule England as a prince?   Must she always deny her emotions and her very essence to keep and protect her country? 

“If you will teach me how to be a woman, I will teach you how to be a man.”– Elizabeth Rex

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