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The year is 1692. Evil is lurking within the devout community of Salem, Massachusetts, and no one is beyond suspicion. A farmer, his distraught wife,and a dangerous young woman are caught in a flash of hysteria that forces them all to face the ultimate test. Based on the Salem Witch Trials and serving as an allegory to the infamous Red Scare of the McCarthy era 1950s, Arthur Miller’s masterpiece remains one of the most powerful and thrilling plays of our time. Never before has this play felt more relevant--as accusations are thrown, religion is defended and the end results prove how very little we seem to have learned from our past. The Crucible is not-to-be missed, pulse-racing, theatrical magic!

Dinner & A Show

Jewish Home - Superblock
St. John's on the Lake
In Tandem - Carnival
Kil@Wat - Superblock