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An explicitly religious film, “Hypocrites” has parallel plot of a modern preacher and medieval monk, Gabriel the Ascetic, who is killed by an ignorant mob for sculpting a nude female statute representing Truth, who appears as a ghostly naked woman in the film. Daring and controversial, the film propelled Lois Weber to the top of silent film directors.

Organist: Clark Wilson

This special screening may not be appropriate for children and will not include vaudeville acts or door prizes.

Overture’s Duck Soup Cinema silent film series is nationally known for providing an authentic and rare silent film experience in the historic Capitol Theater, which celebrated its 90th anniversary in January 2018. As these films were released nearly a century ago, please be aware they may depict some of the theatric and social conventions of the time including material that may be considered socially insensitive today.

Notice: Contains nudity. Ages 18+

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