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Set in that sassy Miami house in 1985, That Golden Girls Show! is one of Off-Broadway’s biggest smash hits that parodies classic Golden Girls moments with puppets! Get set for an evening of cheesecake, laughter, jazzercise, shoulder pads, sex and the elegant art of the quick-witted put down. From Sophia’s get-rich-quick schemes, to Rose’s tales from St. Olaf, Blanche’s insatiable hunt for men and the Fountain of Youth, to Dorothy’s daily struggle to make sense of her life, manage her roommates and, all the while fending off a certain pesky ex-husband once and for all. Devoted fans will fondly remember our four girls from Miami, and for the first-timers, this will be a joyful introduction to the brilliance of that television series.

There’s more! Special event!

SUNNOV 3 at 12:30 PM

Celebrate the girls on with a special interactive preshow puppet extravaganza on the linai.

Meet the Artist!

You’re invited to Meet the Artist— included with your ticket price! Stay after the show on SUNNOV 3 for a brief, informal Q&A session in the theater with the artists. Free and open to all ticket holders, as well as the general public. Events take place in the performance venue immediately following the show.

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