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Red Theater Chicago


1802 W Berenice Ave

Chicago, Illinois



Red Theater Chicago

  • 2018 Winner- Best Fight Choreography, Jeff Awards, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity
  • “Best Of” lists in 2017: – Chicago Tribune, Chicago Inclusion Project, Theatre by the Numbers
  • 2017 Winner- Gage Wallace, Best Actor- Jeff Awards, Taste by Benjamin Brand
  • 2017 HIGHEST RATED SHOWS IN CHICAGO- Theater in Chicago
  • 2016 Jeff Recommended- Taste by Benjamin Brand
  • 2016 Best New Theater Company- Chicago Reader (runner up)
  • 2016 Best Actor- Chicago Reader, Gage Wallace
  • 2016 Best Director- Chicago Reader, Aaron Sawyer, (runner up)
  • 2016 Best Director, Time Out Chicago, Aaron Sawyer (runner-up)
  • 2015 Top Emerging Theater – Newcity Stage
  • Top Five Shows of 2015 – Theatre by the Numbers

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