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The Violet Hour
Broadway Theatre Center's Studio Theatre
Presented By:
Renaissance Theaterworks
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Presented by Renaissance Theaterworks

In 1919, the dawn of the Jazz Age, young John Pace Seavering opens his own publishing company in a cramped Manhattan office with the help of his tightly wound assistant Gidger.

But before John can publish his first book, a strange machine of mysterious origin is delivered to the office. As Gidger suspiciously examines the bizarre contraption, which has started ticking violently, two would-be authors arrive. They are Dennis McCleary, John’s best friend and a gifted novelist, and Jessie Brewster, a famed Jazz singer and John’s secret mistress, who has written a tell-all memoir.

With only enough capital to produce one book, John is caught between the two.  But his struggle is cut short when the machine explodes shooting reams of paper all over the room.  What’s written on these pages will throw John’s dreams and plans into disarray. THE VIOLET HOUR is a hilarious & heartfelt tale with a touch of magical realism.

Renaissance Theaterworks Turns 25 in 2017!

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